Thurs., Nov. 18
Outpost Grill
6:30 p.m. Meeting
RSVP 816-630-8480


Membership Categories

Member of Excelsior Springs BWM

Local membership is $35 per year dues, which are paid to the State BWM.

Student of Excelsior Springs BWM

This category, offered to students, provides all the benefits of a regular local membership. You must be registered as a full-time student. Dues are $20.

A student is one who is enrolled in high school, college or a university, or any other accredited educational institution.


The Missouri BWM member-at-large category is designed specifically for the individual who supports the work of BPW as a state advocate for women in the workplace but does not choose to belong to a local organization. Members-at-large receive all benefits of membership except that they are not eligible to hold office. Dues are $40 per year.

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